Meeting Presentations


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Elena Nikiphorou

ASAS-EULAR Recommendations for the Management of axSpA: 2022 Update
Clinical Aspects & Comorbidities in RA
Predictors, outcomes, prognosis in RA

Janet Pope

Fibrosing Diseases EULAR Update
Myositis Antibody Testing and What's Hot in Myositis
Treatment of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Taking into Consideration Outcomes and New Trials

Kurt De Vlam

What is HOT and New in PsA- direct from Copenhagen 2022_Dubai2022
What is NEW and HOT in SpA- direct from EULAR 2022_Dubai 2022

Gulen Hatemi

An Update on the Diagnosis and Management of Vasculitis
What is New in Behçet Syndrome
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