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Our Mission:

To bring rich hot topics and up-to-date educational content in Rheumatology from global organizations to Physicians all over the world.

About ERA

We are a group of Rheumatologists aiming to bring up-to-date quality Rheumatology Education to Physicians around the world. Founded in 2019, we are a licensed non-profit organization which collaborates with the main global Rheumatology organizations. Our objective is to bring together expertise from across the rheumatology profession and from big Rheumatology bodies like: ASAS, Grappa, Best of  ACR, EULAR etc., combining a wide range of experiences and skills to ensure we are supporting our members to the very best of our abilities.


Over the last one year we have organized successful meetings in Dubai, including the ACR in Dubai, GRAPPA, Ultrasound workshops like the Enthesitis summit (enter dates). These meetings ensure that doctors do not to make long and expensive trips to other countries to get the high quality educational experiences they would get at leading global conferences.

Areas of Interest


Quality Management & Healthcare Assessment


Global Challenges and Opportunities in Rheumatology


COVID-19 in Rheumatology Clinical Guidelines


New Clinical Practice Guidelines

Event Highlights

What We Deliver

Delivery of high-quality imaging and therapeutic studies through ongoing workshops and events accredited by leading affiliates in the field of Rheumatology.

Guidelines on quality control of staff qualifications, imaging equipment, quality control and the resultant image quality and diagnosis. 

Evidence-based guidelines to assist physicians in making the most appropriate imaging or treatment decision for a specific clinical condition.

ERA is here to serve and empower members to advance the practice, science and professions of radiological care and rheumatology practice.

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Board Members

Dr. Waleed
Dr. Atheer
Dr. Humeira
Chairperson of Patient Affairs
Dr. Rajaie
Co-Chair of Scientific Committee
Dr. Ghita
Co-Chair of Scientific Committee
Dr. Ahmad
Dr. Bhavna
Chairperson of Patient Affairs
Co-Chair of Scientific Committee
Dr. Gamal
Co-Chair of Scientific Committee

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All information provided on ERA Website should remain confidential and not to be shared with any third party.

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